Niall O’ Flynn has a passion for genealogy as it covers a diverse array of disciplines and has a keen interest in Local and National History. Prior to studying at University College Cork, Niall completed a number of Family Tree projects for clients, as well as family and friends. On his own ancestry he has researched both his paternal and maternal lines and has gone back eight generations to the early eighteenth century.  This research has thrown up a number of interesting surprises, some good and some unfortunately not so good.

Carmel O’Brien is the Administration Officer of the business.  She has a keen eye for detail and deeply involved in all aspects of genealogical research.

At AGRSIreland we offer all our clients a friendly, confidential service.  To research your Family Tree, please see the list of the services we offer in order to bring your families history back to life. We understand that no one family is the same as the next that is why your bespoke family tree is given every attention when it comes to detail.  All genealogy research is undertaken nationwide.


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